Dramatic Writing


1/2 hour television pilot
Awards: Table Read My Screenplay Austin Semi-finalist
Similar to: Parks & Recreation, The Office, Veep
Chaos ensues at the Brooklyn Food Coop when it’s leader, Ron Schultz Jr. starts to have an identity crisis, much to the horror of his haphazard full-time staff and 15,000 (and growing) co-op members.


Family movie musical
Awards / Fellowships: London Film Awards Finalist, Top 6 ISA Fast Track Fellowship/Special Mention, International Family Film Festival Screenplay Winner, Stowe Story Labs Fellowship, Berlin Film Festival/European Film Market Mentorship, Marble House Project Residency, Final Draft Big Break Quarter-finalist, Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship Finalist)
Similar to: La La Land, Lady Bird, School of Rock
An imaginative and precocious New York City tween must accept her father's absence after going to extreme measures to bring him back home.


THE ORDER OF THINGS (O’Neill NMTC Second-Rounder)
Genre: Original book musical dramedy
Similar to: Falsettos, The Aliens
Specs: 6 women, 2 men; 20s-40s
An irreverent and deconstructed musical version of Chekov’s Three Sisters set in a small town in Massachusetts during the Trump Era.

The cast of the NYC production of  Helen on 86th St.

The cast of the NYC production of Helen on 86th St.

IT’S ABOUT TIME (Off-Broadway Alliance Mentorship Project)
Genre: Original 90-minute revue
Similar to: Closer than Ever, Songs for a New World
Specs: 2 women, 2 men; flexible ages
A musical examination of our relationship to time and life in the Digital Age.
Workshop cabaret performed at The Duplex with Linda Muggleston, Branch Woodman, Kristen Carbone, and Jeff Pew (DVD available)

HELEN ON 86TH ST. MUSICAL (Produced, published/licensed by Playscripts, Inc.)
Genre: Family musical
Similar to: Annie, School of Rock, Matilda
A musical adaptation of the celebrated New Yorker short story that follows Vita Sandford, a quirky NYC tween who desperately tries to get the coveted role of "Helen of Troy" in her school play, believing it will bring her absent father back home.
For more information about Helen on 86th St., visit the official website. For licensing information, visit Playscripts, Inc


COME ON CHILDREN, LET'S SING   A classroom teacher and a graduate student must confront their relationship to racial and socioeconomic injustice as they attempt to put on a play about Dickens' classic, Oliver Twist with five East New York students.

LOST IN PARADISE  When forty-something Anna relocates to a small tropical paradise in search of peace, she finds herself questioning her fundamental beliefs and way of life.

WHAT MOTHERS SAY  Adapted from the interviews chronicled in Jan Valle's book What Mothers Say About Special Education, this docudrama raises questions about what it means to be a "good mother;" how we define "normal" in our society; and how race, ethnicity, gender, and class intersect and inform the experience of raising a child with a learning disability.

15-Minute Musicals

MOTHER OF THE YEAR  In twenty-four hours one woman will be crowned the "Mother of the Year." Follow the six finalists as they prepare to set off for Honolulu in pursuit of this coveted prize.  Written for and performed in the York Theatre's 4@15 festival of 15-minute musicals.

Musicals for Young Performers

HELEN ON 86TH ST.: SCHOOL EDITION  A 70-minute version of Helen on 86th St. created for schools, camps, youth groups, and children's theatre companies.  For licensing information, go to Playscripts, Inc.

The Princely Frog , Brooklyn Children's Theater (photo by Al Pereira)

The Princely Frog, Brooklyn Children's Theater (photo by Al Pereira)

THE PRINCELY FROG  The witches are getting restless, the King and Queen need to find the Princess a husband, and one small frog just wants to be left alone on his lily pad.  With a pastiche of musical styles that include 50's She-bop, jazz, and contemporary musical theatre, this musical for children reminds us that "everyone's a frog below the surface."

THE ELEPHANT PRINCE  A rousing Bollywood-inspired retelling of the story behind the beloved Hindu god, Ganesh, and how he came to be called the "Elephant Prince."

The Elephant Prince , Brooklyn Children's Theater (Photo by Al Perreira)

The Elephant Prince, Brooklyn Children's Theater (Photo by Al Perreira)

BUGTOWN!  The citizens of Bugtown decide it's time to "go green," but the evil Litterbugs who work for the big corporation in town have other plans.  It's up to Mr. Bug and his family to rally the townspeople so they can stop the Litterbugs' evil plot.  And while they're at it, and with a some help from Mother Nature, they just might learn a little something about the environment.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn Children's Theater (Photo by Al Pereira)

Sunset Park, Brooklyn Children's Theater (Photo by Al Pereira)

MOONLIGHT  Romi is a werewolf and Jules is a vampire, and they both love musical theatre.  The big school dance is coming up and the tensions are running high between the two clans.  Will Romi and Jules be able to go public with their friendship and love for Cole Porter and Rodgers and Hammerstein?  This Romeo and Juliet meets Twilight rock musical urges us to look past our differences and "let the music set us free."

SUNSET PARK   This takeoff of In the Heights tells the story of a tight-knit community of cats, mice, and dogs in el barrio of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, who make sure one cat from the pound has a very special birthday celebration.  With Latin-inspired rhythms and music, this children's musical is fantastico!